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  How do I get the Manuals, SB/LS, IPCs, etc.?










  How do I get the Manuals, SB/LS, IPCs, etc.?

All CEAPR Publications are downloadable to subscribers for a very reasonable and modular annual fee. To download last versions of lists and price lists click on SLn°6 for Robin aircraft and SLn°990813 for Cap aircraft.

IPC's work only for Windows! (No Mac OS)

You may subscribe to the basic service only and download SBs (Service Bulletin), SLs (Service Letter), Repair and Maintenance Manuals as well as Maintenance Schedules, Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS) or Type Certificates.  AFMs and IPCs are also available as additionnal subscriptions.

Click here then on button "To subscribe" and follow the instructions until final secure credit card payment.

Use the "Renew" button if your subscription has ended less than 3 months ago ("Subscribe" touch otherwise) and the "To extend" button if you choose to add new subscriptions to your current one.

If you already have a current parts account, assess yourself as "Approved workshop" (your workshop login is required to continue the subscription process), "Non approved workshop" otherwise.

Your subscription invoice is downloadable on the subscription web page at "my data".

As needed, you may call David for help at +33 380 352 527.

Happy discovery!