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Cap Type Certificates (EASA T.C.) now transferred to CEAPR. Related publications available for download to subscribers. Parts manufactured from today will be available with EASA Form1's. New Aircraft production to be resumed as order log builds up. Cap10C wings already in production.




Bugs in the new software. order system help up for the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience!




We have updated our online publication system!




Following the liquidation in progress of Aérodif, Cap TC Holder, you may order Cap parts with EASA Form1s to CEAPR. Download IPC on our website. Register before passing your quote/order on our website.




Happy New Year and happy flights!




As of 2014/07/01, our freight policy changes : we shall ship standard UPS except if specifically instructed express.




Centurion Engines out of insolvency and taken over by Continental Motors/AVIC: a new era for development!

: download

See : http://www.continentalmotors.aero/


starting next monday, our parts will arrive next working day to your place, no price change and full warranty!




Landing and Taxi LED lights now approved on DR400! Nav lights too! with Form1 and no mod. 3 years Manufacturer Warranty. Order under following P/N: Wing NAV green + flash Wing NAV red + flash Wing NAV green Wing NAV red Tail NAV rudder Landing Taxi Already included in the DR400 Parts Catalogue (IPC)




Les Ailes Lyonnaises take delivery of their DR400/160 Major entirely remanufactured at Darois and equipped with the new GPS/NAV/COM Gramin GTN650 Touch replacing the now retiring GNS430.


See : http://www.aileslyonnaises.com/


Aéroclub St Omer takes delivery in Darois of EcoFlyer F-HASO with its new Centurion 2.0


See : http://acsto.free.fr/


+33 380 352522 : more and quicker answers to your questions on spare parts. This number is now dedicated to customer support. For orders and quotes, please use e-mail: david.chausse@ceapr.com or, second choice, by fax, +33+380 352525




ACDIF takes delivery of IFR F-GYKF with new glass cockpit G500/GTN650.

the glass smile! : download

See : http://www.acdif.fr/


OO-NZV flies back to Ostend with a brand new Centurion 2.0!

: download

See : http://www.nzvc.be